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Theyre all landmark Japanese inventions from the 80s and 90s, symbols of an era when the Asian nation was a world leader in tech innovation.But with the rise of Silicon Valley, and American tech giants such as Google and Apple, has seen Japan produce less era-defining tech over the past two decades., is about to change thanks to a new generation of young entrepreneurs, an uptick in international collaborations, and new partnerships with university scientists.That, says Professor Masahiko Tsukamoto, of Kobe Universitys Graduate School of EngineeringJapans focus this time around is not on smart phones or gaming, but wearable chairs, smart glasses and dog communication devices.In short, wacky wearable tech.Wearable tech in JapanThat figure is predicted to leapfrog to 13.1 million units in 2017.It has featured electronic kimonos, cat communication devices, and electronic gloves to record a pianists finger work.At the next show, from January 18 to 20, 2017, the organizers