At the end I said “I’m being a grim reaper again” I didn’t mean I was ever a grim reaper before bc I wasn’t this is my first time. I meant I am telling you again :/ Enjoy! I am gonna tell some… unique facts about me lol if you even read this 1: I don’t like all fish but I generally like it so yeah, you could say I generally like fish idk if that’s strange for a kid but like none of my friends like it so yeah 2: At school my weirdness (to other people) is about 25% in videos its about 70% (THATS RIGHT IM A LOTTT WEIRDER THAN YOU THINK) but at home I GO FULL 100% lol true story maybe the percents are not accurate but im an introvert even to people who have no idea who I am like u guys so it is true that my videos do not have my full.. weirdness ok bye lol
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