10 Weird Things Dogs Do Around Babies & Why, Explained By A Dog Trainer.

For many people a dog was their first baby and it shows. We’re talking squeaky toys, raw hide chews, and “spaw” days for their precious fur child. So when a human baby makes their debut it can be a challenging transition for everyone in the family. When your pup gets kicked off the literal and proverbial lap, they can display some pretty puzzling behaviors. Fortunately, there are experts to help decode the weird things dogs do around new babies and why.
Reddit user and certified dog trainer wttttcbb recently set up a question and answer segment in which dog owners and prospective and/or current parents could get advice related to dogs and kids. For two hours users shared their canine behavior concerns, which ranged from the mild to the severe. Overall they were reassured that, with a little help and understanding, their beloved Max/Spike/Buddy would do just fine with the newest addition.
I had my mini-Schnauzer for three years before I had my daughter. Honestly, he was doing bizarre stuff way before she came around. Poor little guy had to wear a box muzzle (think Hannibal Lecter) to keep him from eating rocks after he had surgery as a result of consuming too many non-food items. My partner and I very carefully introduced him to our newborn daughter. He put his paws on my legs to see her better and wagged his little nubbin as we told him, “This is your baby.” Overall, he’s been gentle and patient, but he also tries to “herd” her.
Dogs are freaking weird, man, and nothing brings out the weird quite like a new baby. Thank goodness for dog whisperers like this particular kind and informative Reddit user, who can not only make sense of some odd dog behaviors, but can provide parents with the tools to fix them.
They Get Depressed
When they suddenly can’t get your attention on demand, it can give a dog a real case of the sads. This trainer suggests making a list of their favorite things and working those in throughout the day to keep them mentally and physically well. One thing to try? Stuffing their Kong in different ways. Who knew?
They Lick Bare Skin
Nothing more delicious, amirite? Gross. I mean, I like puppy kisses, but I don’t necessarily want a mouth that sometimes eats its own poop all over my newborn. So what’s to be done? Teach them “leave it.” Alternately, you can use your body to block the dog from approaching the baby until they give up and move on.
They Get Underfoot
I totally get this. Anytime I put on my shoes my dog is all over my feet and I’m constantly tripping on the little ankle biter. This expert has two suggestions.