आपने शायद ही इन कुत्तो(Strange) को देखा होगा | Top Unusual Dogs Breads In the world | HINDI

The Most Unusual Dog Breeds. With the decline of reindeer herding and puffin over the past century, some dog breeds are struggling to find their purpose in the world.
lagoto romagnolo

ye dog italy k sub region se aate hai or inka nam bhi usi jagah k naam par rakha gya hai traditionaally logg inhe as a gun do bhi use krte the or ye bht hi ache bhi hote hia ye medium size ki dog bread hai or inka curly coat hota hai


stabbyhoun ka origin neatherland se hai or ye bht hi ache dogs hote hai or usi k sth inhe guard dogs jaie kamo k lie bhi use kia jata hia jaise ghr ki rkhwali or bhed bkrio ki rakhwali k lie stabbyhoun ko moles or rat jaise chote mammles ko pakadne me expert bola jata hia

thai ridgeback
bergamasco shepherd


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